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Nutrisystem Coupons Discounts, Cost, and Ann’s Weight Loss Story

Ann lost weight with the help of the Nutrisystem diet. Nutrisystem delivers food specifically made for fast and safe weight loss. And one thing people want to know is how much it costs. The Nutrisystem diet cost depends on the plan you choose. It ranges from $278.99 to $383.99.

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Ann’s Weight Loss Journey with Nutrisystem


Ann before and after Nutrisystem

Trust me, I have heard plenty of weight loss stories in my time. Some were simply awe-inspiring, but that gets old after a while. But Ann’s weight loss journey was different. I loved how she approached weight loss, it is nothing like how most people choose to do it. I found this story terrifically moving.

To begin with, as far as I was concerned, there was nothing unusual about how her weight loss journey began – she had tried several diets in the past. For instance, she tried starving herself; but you and I know that you can’t do that forever. Predictably, as soon as she stopped fasting and started eating normally, she got back all the weight she had lost; and more.

For this reason, she was quite demoralized. But I love that she did not give up; not by a long shot. And so, when she learned of Nutrisystem, she was willing to give it a try.

And try she did. And the results were terrific. She lost 11 pounds in a month, which I find remarkable. My guess is that most people would begin celebrating at this point and count the battle against excess weight over and done with – I would be tempted as well.

Not strangely, Ann took this easy way out and wavered in her devotion to the program, and she ended up weighing 184 pounds a few years later.

But I realized one thing, Ann is a fighter.

She was back a few years later; ready and willing to give Nutrisystem another try. That is a very peculiar attitude if you ask me; more so because she chose to devote herself more strongly to the Nutrisystem diet.

I find it equally puzzling that she chose to give the program a try at a time when the holiday season was beginning. I thought this would be another weight loss journey with an unhappy ending. But I was wrong, and happily so.

You see, this was a different version of Ann. She was willing to overcome any challenges and lose her excess weight. And no, it was not the ideal time to take on such a challenge – she had just gone through a divorce; and she was now a full time mom. Oh, she was also working as a Residential Portfolio Manager; a job that came with a three-hour commute.

She loved the convenience that Nutrisystem foods have to offer. She was also strongly motivated to set a good example for her daughter. Sure, she had a few challenges here and there due to portion control issues, but what I got from her inspiring story is that she had finally achieved her goals.

She is on Nutrisystem’s Success plan. Under this plan, she can have her favorite dishes and still lose weight and keep it off. Hamburgers and pizzas are regulars in her menu. Everything she eats now comes from Nutrisystem. In fact, to fight her temptation to indulge in almonds, she carries around snacks by Nutrisystem (breakfast and lunch bars) in her handbag.

By the end of one year, she had shed 27 pounds. She went from size 10 pants to size 4 pants! In fact, she went well past her weight loss goal, while still eating the foods she loves, but in a healthier way.

Ann’s Weight Loss Tips

Ann has a few points I felt I should pass along, if you are serious about replicating the amazing weight loss results she achieved. First of all, she selected weight loss meals that were similar to what her kids were having. The importance of this is that it helps keep away the temptation to stagger in her loyalty to the Nutrisystem program and try out something else.

Also, she made sure that she does not eat the Nutrisystem foods right out of the plastic containers. Like the rest of the family, she puts her meals in the same dishes. That way, it is like the entire family is sharing a meal. This keeps her from feeling like she is being excluded from the family meal.